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Webrtc Publish failed. Unable to connect

I setup WebRTC configuration following this post ,

When my iphone or android uses wifi, it can be published successfully.
But when my mobile phone uses Mobile network (4G), it throw error
Publish failed. Unable to connect.

version : WowzaStreamingEngine-

Stupid question; but it’s not because your Wowza Server is on the same local network as the WiFi, and with 4G you need the public IP addr and probably NAT to access the server?

NO, wowza server is not local.
can you use 4g publish webrtc?

I wouldn’t know why not unless your mobile provider has specifically blocked certain protocols or services which is unlikely. This sounds more like a network or firewall issue. If your Wowza Server is deployed in the cloud, could it be that there’s a firewall or security group that needs review?