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WebRTC publish/play permissions

Hi, I’m new to wowza.

in our website, we would like to use wowza for “1 to many” webinars.

i was able to use the webrtc samples ( to publish and play stream.

now, i’m trying to understand how prevent viewers from publishing streams and foreigners from connecting to the service, but wasn’t able to find any related documentation.


looks like “Playback security” setting does not affect webrtc - is it true?

This module for Wowza allows you to do that. (i’m using it)

Hello @Roey Cohen

That is correct, the “Playback Security” setting will now work for WebRTC. Please follow this guide on the code samples to prevent unwanted WebRTC users:

Under, “Listen for and reject WebRTC session create and destroy commands in a module” and “Subclass HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo to secure WebRTC playback and publishing”.