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WebRTC random connection loss issue

Hi, I have been working on building a live streaming application which will take live feed from Wowza.

  1. For my input stream, I am using RTMP to send live camera information to Wowza.

  2. On my web application, I am using streaming information from Wowza server using WebRTC.

Currently, I am using a fixed set of computers to test out the WebRTC. Most of the time, it works fine as I am able to receive WebRTC stream.

However, once in a while (around 1 in 10 page load), the WebRTC will fail to connect. When I used the webrtc://chrome-internals, it seems that the ice connection changes to failed state. I tried doing an ice restart everytime a failed state happens. However, it failed to work.

Sorry this is happening. Let me look into some possible causes.

Hi @Darren Ong,sorry this is happening. We would like to have one of our WebRTC experts take a closer look at your configuration and log files to gain a better understanding of what is happening on your server and why you are experiencing this behavior.

Will you kindly submit a support ticket?