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WebRTC Recording / Compositing

I’ve just taken a trial of the Wowza WebRTC feature within the Wowza Streaming Engine, it looks like a great beginning from you guys, congratulations!

I’ve seen this question asked before, but around compositing / PIP (picture in picture) / mosaics :-

  • Are we able to record the meeting through Wowza as a single output, rather than on a per stream basis?

  • Unless I use a transcoder (and even then, only 320p was actually outputting anything, the others remained empty), I cannot record streams themselves directly, is this a known bug / shortcoming?

  • Has anyone ever managed to composite multiple streams of this kind (or any RTP source) into a single output back out to Wowza Streaming Cloud? Even if via a ffmpeg / gstreamer proxy?

Many thanks


I realize this is an old post/thread but I wanted to follow up here. While you may hear Wowza is working on our WebRTC implementation, this is currently in our backlog as a feature request. I’ve also tagged this post to reflect that.

If/when that changes and we have a solution for compositing, I’ll come back and update this thread. For now, I’m closing the thread and comments and ask that any new questions, comments, concerns of a similar vein be posted as a new, fresh thread.



Director of Developer Relations

Was this ever enabled in Wowza? A single file for all streams in a session?

Thanks for the update @Amara Graham

on a separate note, can you please point me to some references to enable webrtc streaming from different browsers including microsoft edge?

Please start a new thread, this is off topic for this thread.

Compositing is still in our backlog.