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WebRTC SDP (WebSocket connection failed)


I setup WebRTC configuration following this post, i already created streamlock certificate along with password and update configuration accordingly.

when i try to publish stream by running wowza webrtc addong. it throw error

WebSocket connection failed: wss://5ab***

Where 5ab*** is my cert filename.

Now not sure how to create webrtc-session.json file i adjust wss url by guess. can you help me creating SDP url or what is the correct format for creating SDP URL.

Need help to setup webrtc properly.

Note: i am using wowza configured in AWS Cloud.


Your problem is the same me, after fixing in [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml and everything is working. You should re-check the port 443 configuration with the streamlock certificate for wowza. Following this link :

The same issue :



Hello @Muhammad Irfan

If the linked article does not work, please send the below for further review by a support ticket:

Click this link to open a support ticket and send the below folders for review:




If you are not sure how to get this information please see the following tutorial.



I was having this issue too, and it turned out to be an issue with my firewall on Windows 10.

It turned out that that relevant ports on my server (which is just my laptop) weren’t open. Conceptually, 5ab*** just redirects to your server’s public IP address. You may want to verify that the relevant ports are open.

I noticed something was up when I could navigate to

localhost:8088/enginemanager, and , (my internal IP) but could NOT get to

98.26.xx (my external IP)

I thought the only issue would be port-forwarding, and I set my router to forward port 8088 to my server. It still didn’t work.

I followed the instructions at (which are for Windows 7, but worked on Windows 10) to open some ports associated with Wowza: 1935, 8088, and 443. This allowed me to access the enginemanager through my external IP, and for my WebSocket to finally connect.

Hope that helps!

Hello I have same websocket connection failed but I am running my web server on http is that issue.

Hi - having a similar issue, except on Mac. How can I check the that relevant ports are open?

SSL/TLS encryption is required for WebRTC, please use HTTPS.