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webrtc-session.json File missing

I have setup the webrtc preview as per the instruction in the zip.

When the webpage requests a connection, the logs show

ERROR server comment - HTTPProviderSimpleWebServer.onHTTPRequest: File missing: /wowzaDir/htdocs/webrtc-session.json

Does this file have to manually created or should the




setting added to VHost.xml do this?

Any pointers to whatI may have got wrong in the set up?




I’m glad you got this working. I have submitted a request for the README to add that in the Publish/Play/Chat JS files for WebRTC and Wowza Streaming Engine, that it needs to look something like this:

var postURL = “https://[your-streamlock cert]”;



I’m having the same problem.

In my log file:

ERRORservercomment2017-03-2113:17:37-----400.028--------HTTPProviderSimpleWebServer.onHTTPRequest: File missing: /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/htdocs/webrtc-session.json

When I do, https://[your-streamlock cert]. in the browser, nothing comes up.

How does this work?

anyone find answer for this ticket

it’s https request or SDP, btw… in both cases it’s not working