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WebRTC session Shutdown

I’ve successfully configured Wowza WebRTC Preview using StreamLock certificate but wasn’t able to publish and play. I’m using IP camera and In the log I get: WebRTCSession.shutdown[112082795]: Shutdown WebRTC session

Will appreciate your help

This is being worked on within a support ticket. Please let us know if anything further is needed.

I implemented youר inputs.

In the logs I get: HTTPProviderSimpleWebServer.onHTTPRequest: File missing: /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/htdocs/webrtc-session.json

It looks like it was in the previous log files as well. I do not see this json as part of webrtc package

Hello Doron,

It might be possible that the WebRTC html files from the WebRTC welcome package are not in the correct directory:


More details are inside the ticket.



They all all there but the json is not included (See attached image)


I have progressed and can see in the logs now that the stream is running.

It is not being displayed in the browser though.

In the browser console I see the following error which I assume referring to the authentication and the cert in use:

DOMException: Failed to parse SessionDescription. a=fingerprint:sha-256 Failed to create fingerprint from the digest.

Any Ideas


Hello @Doron Shavit

The JSON is done in the backend, nothing needed to install.This exception is usually thrown when there’s a configuration issue in the VHost.xml. When sent through the ticket, I’ll review.