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WebRTC settings for lowest latency using high bandwidth

High, we have high bandwidth and low latency connection between video source and media server (the same 1 Gb network). We are using WebRTC assuming that it is most low latency option. We are using one video producer and one consumer(the same node as video producer after processing). What settings will help us to achieve lowest possible latency?

Hello @Pavel Konovalov this sounds like you doing a WebRTC broadcast > WebRTC playback in which case the default settings will already get you close to sub-2 second playback- maybe even under 0.5 settings with good network conditions. I checked with our WebRTC engineer and he said if it is as not as low as you want, maybe reduce the video and audio bitrates to achieve the desired latency.

Also,keep in mind that should you ever want to push the WebRTC out for HLS playback, you will need to change the audio to AAC and also change your HLS (cupertino) settings to a total of 3 chunks at 2 seconds each. The default settings for HLS are 3 chunks at 10 seconds each. But, that’s only if you ever want to scale your WebRTC to a greater audience.