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Webrtc setup issue

Hey, I’m trying to follow instructions from “” to prepare POC on “webRTC + streaming” using Wowza.
So far I’ve completed every step from (including ssl configuration + test).

Was able to publish stream via .

He is what I’m getting from :

“Live stream is not running: myStream” (stream name in publish sample is “myStream”

Double checked if I followed setup instructions correctly - everything looks ok.

Additional details:
I’m using latest mac os version.

Hey there @Alex Vol, sorry for your frustration on this. I’d suggest opening a support ticket so our tech support team can run some tests on your config files to find the issue.

I was experiencing the same issue, but I was able to resolve it by modifying the file


I changed the property webrtcIceCandidateIpAddresses from [my-ip],udp to [my-ip],tcp,1935.

I also changed the next property, webrtcUDPBindAddress, from "" to “”, though I doubt that had any effect since the previous property specifies we’ll use TCP rather than UDP.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @Steven Love! let us now if this worked for you @Alex Vol