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WebRTC setup question

I’m new to Wowza and am finding the learning curve a bit steep so I was wondering if someone can give a bit of advice and point me to some instructions for setup.

My company runs realtime online auctions where video and audio is streamed in 2 separate RTMP streams to flash players in the browser. The video is recorded using the GoCoder app and streamed to a wowza on a windows vm hosted in azure.

We get low latency of 1.5 - 2 seconds which is acceptable. Any higher latency would probably not work for our purposes.

Because flash is on the way out and we have had troubles with the flash player and support on mobiles we are interested in supporting WebRTC as this will give the low latency required and has the support for modern browsers and mobile (hopefully safari in the future as well).

So far we having had much luck setting this up so any advice would be appreciated.

At the same time I am interested in running wowza on a linux docker images as linux may get better performance and docker may provide an easier solution for upgrades etc.

Another thing we would like to do with the video stream is braodcast live to Facebook, Youtube & Periscope.

My questions are:

  1. Can we use GoCoder to capture video to broadcase WebRTC from wowza?

  2. Is docker a good solution for what I’ve outlined?

  3. Is there a simple docker image that is good to go with WebRTC and we just plugin our licence in the environment variables? (wishful thinking but that would be sweet)

  4. Are there any resources for easy setup of WebRTC?

  5. Is the facebook live stream possible with WebRTC broadcast?

Hello @Wayne Thompson

  1. You can capture with GoCoder send to Wowza Streaming Engine to playback with WebRTC.

  2. Using WebRTC with a Docker container has not been tested yet, although there has been some customers that have reported using it.

  3. There is not a docker container that has WebRTC already configured in it.

Here’s a guide on setting up Wowza Streaming Engine with Docker here

  1. The readme that comes with the WebRTC Preview package is very helpful link to request WebRTC access

Also the webrtc live streaming slack channel has other customers assist each other with WebRTC needs.

  1. Yes, you can go from WebRTC to Wowza Streaming Engine to forward onto Facebook Live.



Thank you for your answers Jason.

This is exciting news for us.

Glad I could help @Rohan Kleem!