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WebRTC simple html code

I am using the Wowza Streaming Engine to re-stream a ip camera. I want to make simple html webrtc player for the client. But i can not find simple solution for the wss stream.
Only find examples for webrtc peer to peer…
I have a working solution by the example of Wowza in that works fine!
Does anyone have an example for a WebRTC player with an address of the Wowza server that we can use for customers?

Your workflow to stream from an IP camera and playback over WebRTC is possible through Wowza. You can play back that WebRTC stream with an HTML 5 player.

Wowza Media Systems provides sample code on GitHub to demonstrate how to play WebRTC streams in an HTML5 player. You will need to be able to translate the sample code for your own WebRTC streaming application and this will require an intermediate to advanced comprehension of both JavaScript and WebRTC.

I would not say that there is a simple solution to do this, but help is available if you need it through our Hire a Consultant forum space or by reaching out to Pro Services at Wowza.