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WebRTC Source Security

I’m having trouble finding any information on how to only allow sources given permission to stream from WebRTC. I have a setup that secures playback after converting WebRTC to HLS, but right now anybody with my Streamlock URL could stream to the server and that’s a problem. Can you please provide me with some insight and documentation that will help me figure out what I need to do?

What’s the reason for this waiting for moderation? Is it just because I’m new? Is it because this is a duplicate question? I tried searching for the answer here, but I couldn’t find it.

Hello, you can configure additional security this way:

Thank you! I’m not sure why this page eluded me, but I really appreciate you sharing it! And the reason for the moderation makes sense. Really appreciate the help!

Happy to help!

Yes. Due to so many people and bots trying to post spam in our forums. all new users posts have to go through the moderation queue.