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I have some live on WebRTC with many reconnects.

I need to try several times to get a successful connection.

In my log I found the following: WebRTCCommands.sendOffer: STATUS_STREAMNAME_INUSE: MyStream

What could be causing the problem? When there is a live with the same name Wowza can not replace?


Tech support is requesting a support ticket to help you resolve this. This is a result of an error in your configuration and they will need to view your config as well as your log files. Please follow the instructions below. Thank you.

So there may be two issues here.

First, the multiple attempts to connect seems like a negotiation problem. I would look at chrome internals and see if you can find any leads.

Second, it seems like at some point you are trying to publish a stream and then it says you have one live. This is likely an issue with properly closing out prior sessions. I would check out the latest release of Wowza (4.8.2 or higher) as there were improvements to session handling.