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Webrtc stream target


webrtc stream are not able to send stream on stream target

facebook and youtube is connected, but video and audio do not receive

can you help me ? some documentation

Hello …Once you sure the stream in received…trancode the audio from opus to target …video has tobe h264 also then assign to the target

Sending a webrtc stream directly to either Facebook or You Tube is not a supported workflow.

For example, FB requires RTMP. To be more specific, they require secure RTMP (RTMPS).
What you could do is send webrtc stream to Wowza Streaming Engine and transcode it to RTMP and send it as RTMP in a stream target to social media.


How can I do this ?

I using webrtc, and I need to send by target on facebook and youtube


I’m using webrtc stream to Wowza Streaming Engine, and I’m using the target to send by rtmp.
connect me, but video and image does not display youtube and facebook


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help, thanks

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com Ok I did not say it so eloquently …but same result :grinning:
@LogicaHost_Solucoes In your workflow you need after no.2 to transcode the source stream making sure the video is h264 and the audio is AAC.
Then in 3. use the transcoded rtmp stream in the Facebook and YouTube targets