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WebRTC streamlock certificate


I setup WebRTC configuration following this post, i already created streamlock certificate.

  1. Can i use Developer License to do this example?

  2. If i can, can i setup streamlock certificate IP Address


Hello @Hotch Lin. Now that Wowza officially supports WebRTC and it is out of preview, I wanted to share some updated info and docs with you.

  1. You can indeed use the Developer License for WebRTC with Wowza Streaming Engine as it includes the Streamlock certificate.

  2. The WebRTC instructions on our site have been updated since you posted this question and they assume you’ve configured port 443 with an SSL certificate.

  3. If you plan to use your own SSL certificate, the link below may help you convert your SSL certificate to the Java KeyStore (JKS) format that’s required by Wowza Streaming Engine

You can also check which IP addresses to use with WebRTC here:

Please see our list of updated WebRTC docs HERE for additional info.