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WebRTC through Wowza on iOS makes the video freeze

When going peer to peer with the example everything seams to work well. However, my current setup is Chrome <-> Wowza <-> iOS Safari. The video freezes in the safari webbrowser after some time. On that iOS device I can still hear the audio, but the video is frozen. On the Chrome side I can both see and hear the other side. So in Wowza, all streams are ok.

If I run the same setup with Chrome <-> Wowza <-> Desktop Safari or Chrome <-> Wowza <-> Chrome (Desktop or Android) I don’t see this issue. So it looks like a iOS Safari issue.

It also appears to trigger this freeze bug more easily when there is a lot of movement in the video, eg when the resolution changes due to limited bandwidth or maybe other h264 parameters.

I tried this with both UDP and TCP and give the same results.

I also tried different css styles in the hope to have it rendered differently as described here:

I am using h264 with profile id 42e01f, to be the same as and Tried to run the chrome side on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac, all with the same results.

I also filed this bug with Webkit:

do you have playsinline in your video tag?

Hey Derek,

Tnx for the reply, the issue I had above seamed to be fixed since iOS 12.

Thank you very much for updating this post.