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WebRTC UDP Port Recycle? Max Port Number

Hi, I’m currently trying to use webrtc
On testing I found out that UDP Port that Wowza send as Ice Candidate can exceed 9999

Which in this document

It asked for 6970 - 9999
I thought after 9999 it would restart again to the set DatagramStartingPort in Server.xml

is there anyway to limit the range of UDP port?
Is there a way to recycle the count?

You can limit the range by editing the server.xml file
To your second question…I have not looked at this in a bit…but I believe in the setting you put it to select from the port pool dynamically. So it just select a free port in the pool you select.

What is the name of the config?
In RTP Part there is only 2 items which are the starting port and allow sharing port

I have done it that way, actually setting UDP Ice Candidate for WebRTC won’t ask you to specify a port number, it will be done dynamically unlike the TCP Port

UDP Ports 6970 - 9999 is the default pool. To limit you can edit it to the range that you want. Note make sure your firewall is adjusted.

Please elaborate where to change the config, I found such config none unfortunately

Please contact the support team for further clarification. The pool can be adjusted in the manager or editing server.xml. It can be increased or decreased using the start UDP port 6970 but will end at 9999.