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Webrtc Video Chat Example


Where I can find a HTML 5 Webrtc video chat example?

To show the all the videos on the same page? Local and remote.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Glaucio Rocha,

We do not offer the WebRTC Chat example any longer.
You should be able to check the Publish and Play examples and then combine that functionality to push and pull in any available videos on the webrtc application.

WebRTC publish and play examples

Hope this clears up your question.


Alex C.

I prepare sample application with nodejs ( for signalling ) & html client with javascript,

its working n to n . Gonna share this on my github repo.

Thanks guys!

I need a example like this:

Using only Wowza, not nodejs or any external software (we are trying Wonza Windows version).



@Glaucio you misunderstood i think. The webrtc stream works on wowza of course. Unfortunately all the video chat stuff can not be handled by wowza :slight_smile:

The nodejs or any other backend needed for communicating clients ( in my case nodejs application )

Sample nodejs application grant you to connect to video chat room,

When client joins

then my api connect to the wowza websocket and start to publish stream as you see image. Then get the connected client list in video chat room. if there is users , then it starts to play their stream :wink:

I dont know you are a developer or not but let me clear that

if you try to do video chat example

you need a sample html page that user login ,

you need to know who is in the room so you need to handle the login . Best practice is

you need to connect wowza webrtc via websocket

In my sample

in html , I use client & jquery

in backend I use nodejs for connecting mysql ( for user login credentials control ) and socket server.

in my wowzagateway api , the publish & play process handled such as getOffer sendResponse etc

The scenario is

  • the user login through my html ( basic user pass credentials entered and clicking login ) the info post to the nodejs

  • nodejs check the user and make him join to given room ( in demo I directly make it join to 1 number room )

*client start to publish stream with my api

  • client get the active user list via socketio from nodejs

  • client start to playback stream with my api

The api supports n to n wowza webrtc communication ( group call )

I will share this sample after text chat features added

Hi, finally i finish the sample application,

Great job Emre! :slight_smile:

Really awesome Emre- thanks for sharing!

Hi @Glaucio Rocha and others, here is the wowza webrtc group call sample with chat feautures. Lots of things to be done , however it’s fine now.

Follow the instruction


The Broadcast Live Video turnkey streaming site solution implements Wowza SE WebRTC live streaming and you can see test it live at Video Now Live .

It’s available as free open source WordPress plugin you can download. Running it involves configuring Wowza SE and some other advanced server requirements as described in documentation.