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WebRTC VOD Streaming

Is there a way to stream Vod content (an existing video file) over WebRTC?

Hi @Chris Georgoulis, out of curiosity, why would you use WebRTC for VOD?

Well the idea is that I want to take the video stream and do the following:

  1. Playback the video
  2. Send the audio from the video to the left audio channel
  3. Synchronize a different live audio stream and send it to the right channel
  4. Add a audio panning control

So I need first of all a way to playback the video (not RTMP). So that leaves me with HLS where I need a JS player, since chorme does not natively support HLS playback (which would probably complicate things with player customisation), or RTSP which can be done over WebRTC as I understand (which will have better latency than HLS).

I understand that this may be an XY problem, so feel free to suggest another approach.

WebRTC is designed for live browser to browser communication. It is not designed for VOD delivery. You also do not need to use JavaScript to play back content. You can use the HTML5 video tag as shown in our article below.

Hi, actually one of my project webrtc vod was needed,because of playing recorded conference on mobile, 4 participant with camera on conference and we recorded them. To view the conference record as its original, 4 video tag needed but with hls in html5 can not be played at the same time. At a time Vod playback like live and seekable features met the need.