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Webrtc with iOS 11 beta (safari)

I have been trying using wowza webrtc html example with iOS 11 beta version. It works like charm in safari. One issue I face is that the orientation of video recording is not same as camera. Is there a way to change the detect/change the orientation of recorded videos for webrtc preview?

Has anybody else tried it yet with safari iOS 11 ?


publishing is working ok for me, but cant play streams using safari on ios 11

Safari is out of beta for some time now, I also cannot play a stream with WebRTC, any news on this?

It’s been 1.5 months since iOS11 is released, did anyone hear anything from wowza support?

I’m having (some) success with iOS 11. There’s a problem with H.264 video freezing up and crashing safari (and in some cases the OS it seems), but that’s a webkit issue

Bug here:

would be very interested to hear an update on the state of wowza webrtc playback in Safari for both High Sierra and iOS 11.

So far WevbRTC streams from Wowza 4.7.3 (H264 baseline + Opus) work only in Chrome and FF (over UDP). No such success with Safari mobile and desktop.

any update or pointers in getting this working

Someone managed to get it working?


With Safari, you might need to have the below Developer properties set in Safari:



does anyone know how to fix this?