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WeRTC player

I am unable to play webrtc.

I am getting an error. WebRTC play is not enabled for application: app-42e3/definst

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Arvind

Please make sure you are referencing the application you configured for WebRTC in either Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine. I’m not sure which steps or player you are trying to work with, so here are the steps for both:

If this doesn’t help get you on the right track, please let us know if you are using Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine and if you are using one of our hosted pages, please provide the URL and we can help you further.

If you are running this in Wowza Streaming Cloud and working with our hosted player, you need to make sure you’ve started your stream in Cloud first, either through UI or API.