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What Are ClearCaster Minimum Upload Bandwidth Requirements?


In order to achieve a 1080p30 upload, what is the minimum LAN upload bandwidth required by the ClearCaster? Is this controllable via the API, or does the device always try to use the max quality supported by the available bandwidth? Any help appreciated, thanks.

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your inquiry about the Wowza ClearCaster product.

To answer your question, the encoding parameters are controlled by FaceBook through the API. For example, a 1080p stream would be sent at a bitrate around 8Mbps. The Wowza ClearCaster logic will adjust the bitrate on the fly based on network conditions.

For your reference, I am providing you with some useful links for the Wowza ClearCaster:

Product Description Page:

Getting Started Guide:

User Guide:

You can also sign up for a free demo to see it in action and ask additional questions with one of our Wowza ClearCaster experts.


Technical Support Representative – Wowza ClearCaster

Hi Abby,

Thanks for your reply. We had seen the links, and we’ve scheduled the demo. We’re looking forward to seeing the device in action.