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​What are the necessary steps to do ssl streaming after following the documentation?

I have setup SSL streaming in Wowza Engine Manager according to your documentation. I have also followed your troubleshooting guide and made necessary changes. What might be the issue I am facing?

Could it be something I have to do on the server side?

Hello @Tamim Arifin, we’d need to see the error messages or the logs because it could be one of several things in your configuration.

You can submit a ticket here and we will find the issue for you:

Well it’s basically connection timed out or Site cannot be reached. but if I use HTTP then it works fine. I have attached the logs file here.

Thanks for that information @Tamim Arifin and I thank you for reading through the troubleshooting guide first. I apologize for not being clear in my response.

The engineers will only by able to analyze the logs through a support ticket and not in the forums. There is a process they must follow and tracking system for the tests they will run. They will find the cause of the issue for you and thank you.