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What component shall I use for a adaptive streaming from H.265 incoming to H.265 out-coming (direct transcoding)

For a [direct H.265 broadcast] (no need to encode or decode on server), shall I use the “Adaptive Bitrate Stream Name Groups” function in the “Transcoder Templates” from the “Transcoder” of a streaming Application? Or shall I use the “SMIL files” or something else? Thank you for advising!

If you are sending in ABR content to Wowza Streaming Engine then you will need to use a SMIL file to put everything together. While the article below focuses on Transcoder, you can use the same method to create your ABR SMIL files.

Thanks to the advice. May I ask, what if, some of my live input is H.264 income and needed to be encoded as H.265 on the server. On the other hand, some of my live input is H.265, and there is no need for encoding. They are then both outputted as H.265 playback?

In this situtaion, shall I use both [Adaptive Bitrate Stream Name Groups] and [SMIL files] for those 2 different situations? Thank you.