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What does "Ending the current a+v chunk although the chunk does not start with a video keyframe" mean?

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing a solution with everyone. I’ll pass this info on to our engineering team.

Hi Guys, So i am facing this problem again but with RTMP streams… basically i am restreaming a rtmp live stream, when source goes offline and comes online transcoded streams couldn’t pick up video keyframe, source streams play both AV, transcoded stream play only A… Input stream has both AV.

Cupertino…live.stream_480p_2d] Waiting for a key frame to end the current a+v chunk but the chunk is already 138214.127 secs long, 138204.127 secs over the chunk duration overflow threshold of 10.000 secs, so forcibly ending the chunk without a key frame. Calculated with: keyframe used to open chunk: 276429448, and timecode for current packet: 138215321.

Cupertino…live.stream_480p_2d] Ending the current a+v chunk although the chunk does not start with a video keyframe

Cupertino…live.stream_480p_2d] Only receiving audio frames, so forcibly ending the a+v chunk without a key frame.

Please suggest some ideas let me give a try…

This post is outdated @Crys.fmA and you can either submit support ticket as was previously suggested or create a new post if you’d like to discuss it. This post will be closed since it is from 2008. We need to keep the forums current, thanks.