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What is bitrate limits of WebRTC over UDP ?

I want to stream high quality video using webRTC and wowza engine . I checked the known limitation part of " " article and found that bitrate limits of webrtc over TCP is 400 Kbps. So i want to know about bitrate limits over UDP . I also want to know that whether i can use webrtc for VOD content playback or not ?

Yes @Asit Srivastava you can play VOD, but TCP is preferred over UDP for quality reasons.

Why opt for TCP for Video-On-demand?

  1. Adapt the best picture quality by transmitting every frame.
  2. Quite easy to monitor the bandwidth between the source and receiver
  3. TCP streams can do encryption to prevent theft of videos due to guaranteed receipt of segments in correct order.
  4. Due to self clocking mechanism,TCP is better for variable bandwidths that occur on the Internet.
  5. TCP provides error recovery by retransmission of missing data.

In regards to bitrate limits over UDP, there is no specified limit in the protocol or in WSE, but browsers can have their own limitations.

Hi Rose , Thank you so much for Answering .

I have one more query. I found that bitrate limits of webrtc over TCP is 400 Kbps. My project requirement are

  1. Streaming live / VOD content.

  2. Stream high quality video with bitrate requirement 5Mbps - 10Mbps.

  3. Lowest possible latency.

(Using RTMP i can achieve first 2 requirement but i think webRTC could provide low latency as compared to RTMP.)

Is webRTC is a good choice for the above requirement ?If yes then how to stream high quality video with 5Mbps - 10Mbps bitrate ?

As you said that browser have their own limitation . Can i stream High quality VOD content or live stream directly to wowza engine using webRTC without involving web browser(as we do using RTMP)?

May I ask what are you using using to live stream from @Asit Srivastava? A camera, an ipad, phone…etc.

I am using 360 camera

Hello @Asit Srivastava, we have never tested WebRTC in this manner, but believe you could do this without browsers. But, because we have never tested this, I do not have any documentation to share with you at this time.

That,s ok and thanks for providing your inputs . It helped alot .

You’re welcome and thanks for being a member of our forum!