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What is the best protocol to use when you are live

Hi all,
I am trying to create something like 24/7 T.V. Channels. I have seen stream publisher module in this thread(how-to-schedule-streaming-with-wowza-streaming-engine-streampublisher )

It is working but i have few questions.
First of all, i was usign m3u8 format it was great but there is a problem. I was using vlc player to check its stream. When i paused and resumed again(after few minute), it started from the second it was paused. This behavior is not acceptable when you are streaming like tv channels. How can i prevent that?

Another question is that There are 4 links to tests, HLS, Mpeg Dash, Rtsp, Rtmp. Which one is good? Rtsp and rtmp is not compatible with HTTP, i want to watch this channel from my browser.

And finally, is there a way to find out about playlist? I want to show what is currently being streamed.

Thank you in advance.