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What is the best way to play LL-HLS in html5

I’m using hls.js for playing LL-HLS now.
but there are some problems so i want to know other else for playing LL-HLS in html5

Thank you so much

Welcome to our forums @park_younghoon! You would need to find an HTML player that has specific support for LL-HLS.

You can test LL-HLS streams by entering the playback URL in the Safari browser on iOS 14, other native apps on devices running iOS 14, or any player that supports LL-HLS. If a player supports HLS but not LL-HLS, it will default to playing LL-HLS streams as standard HLS.

You can check out Theo Player and they have an LL-HLS test player:

There are other players that support LL-HLS, but you’ll need to do a Google search.

Here is an open-source player you could try.