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what is the Flash Version String for Marsis Streamer?


I’m trying to stream to wowza server using Marsis streamer, but it does not even show that I’m connected, I think it is something to do with the Flash Version String, do you know what suppose to be?


Hello @Paul Santos, from what I can see in our docs, it says that :

  • (Default) All RTMP encoders or Flash applications enabled for publishing must authenticate to publish to this application. The FlashVer value sent from an encoder must match one of the values in the Flash Version String setting.

Here is the reference doc. I’m not very familiar with Marsis streamer, so if this did not help, let me know and I will check with tech support. Thanks.

thanks Rose @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

on my flash version string I have

Wirecast/|FME/|FMLE/|Wowza GoCoder*

I think Marsis may have another string value and that is why I cannot connect to the wowza server, any help will greatly appreciated.


Ok I will see what I can find out for you here on my end.

You can try and add this to the string @Paul Santos:


Our default string is this:

Wirecast/|FME/|FMLE/|Wowza GoCoder*|Lavf/|UA Teradek/|KulaByte/|HaivisionKB/|VidBlaster/|XSplit/|PESA|makitoX/|Elemental Live/

so the engineer suggests you try and add the Marsis section in there as I showed above since you edited it out… If this does not work, you may have to reach out to AMVEDA support on this. Please let me know if that helped you though.