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What is the reccomended way to use HLS and DASH + DRM in a player?

I’m using the VideoJS player and have a CMAF video so I am using HLS and DASH. I’m also using all 3 types of DRM. Fairplay for hls, widevine and playready for dash.

My question is should I include both hls and dash sources in the player and let the player decide which one to play? Or do I detect the browser and only insert the correct url based on that? Also DRM is the same. Can I just add all DRM to the player? Or should I only add the one that applies?

Hi @Tom Hendrick sorry for the delay, we were closed here for an American holiday and long weekend. The truth is there are no best practices that we suggest and we don’t support one DRM option over the other. It makes sense you’d want to look at CMAF and even CENC (Common Encryption) for your DRM support options.

Some DRM options require separate implementation while others already support all of them inside one module. It just depends on what your needs and preferences are. We don’t advise one or the other.

You can see all your options with Wowza here: