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What needs to be done to allow streaming to HTTPS site?

We have been running wowza to stream to our site for several years using JWplayer with no issues.

We are about to change our web site to use SSL certificate. when trying to play from our wowza server we receive an error that says unable to fetch HTTP resource over HTTPS.

What do we need to do on the Wowza server side to make this work.

We are currently running:

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Edition 4.7.1 build20635




you can enable stream lock for https streaming on wowza server

configure ssl offloading server before wowza server.

I found the second solution much better.

Peter thank you for the reply if I may ask what solution did you use for your SSL offloading server or load balancing appliance. We use an origin/edge solution with DNS to currently spread the load across local servers and durring some events we spin up a few instances in AWS.




for http streaming I am using LVS load balancer and wowza in edge/origin setup

for htps streaming I am currently using nginx (ssl offloading + load balancer)

I have not used nginx but it looks like it has what I need.

  1. Are you using the open source version or nginx+.

  2. Do you ever use AWS host or are yours all local to your network.

  3. Do you have any recommendations for documentation on setting up the nginx system for SSl offloading and loadbalancing?




1.I am using open source version of nginx

2.I have never used AWS host. I have all servers local to my network

3.I have followed only nginx documentation