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What's going on my wowza license?

last week, i uploaded about the problem 3ea my wowza license,
and staff (rob_poach) said id been violate complicance, but i dont understad it,
that bucuz i just been useing 1 key, 1 server.

i use wowza program for a work, and person in charge is changed last year jan,
so, i didnt receive an e-mail warnging about violation rule.
(it is our mistake, we didnt change e mail address person in charge that system
and the predecessor already resign and leave a work, so his e-mail address had been deleted.

i already send my wowza license key fall in violation problem,
so, plz check about my license key statement, and could u send e mail again(the thing u sent novemver 2)
to my e-mail addredd and explaing how can i solve this problem.

we’ve been operate 72 wowza server to relay important facility monitoring, so i wanna solve this problem as soon as possible.

@yoon_kyungsik I have created a ticket (495646) for our Customer Experience Team to further discuss your license compliance concerns with you.