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When are you guys planning to add support for mobile browsers?


I tested your WebRTC solution within the trial and I really like it. However one is the main business requirement for my company is to have the working mobile browser support for live streaming and recording. So the question is, when are you planning to add support for mobile browsers?

Hi @Karel Boek-Senior Consultant,

I meant Wowza’s implementation because we need the WebRTC solution + server-side recording.

I think these limitations are rather in the browser than on Wowza’s side.

Hi Oleg,

When WebRTC was originally launched in Wowza Streaming Engine, Wowza did not support mobile. It now supports mobile workflows. Make sure you use the latest version of the examples to get working examples with the browser. I would note these could change over time as browsers make changes.

You can find the GitHub repo to our examples here:


Thanks for the reply. Probably I tested the outdated examples. I’ll check the new one.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Oleg Nazarov, do you mean support for WebRTC on mobile browsers or specifically Wowza’s implementation?