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When using media cache and smil together

I would like to provide streaming using Wowza’s media cache and smil. I use a server used for storing mp4 files. I looked for it. I have vod and smil in the same space to use abs, but I can’t. I can’t call the server where the mp4 file is stored. I can’t call the smil file. So I need help. Is there a smil file in the wowza streaming server, and if there is a way to play it by specifying the src path of the video server?

Yes you can do that and if you search “Mediacache SMIL” in the forums search bar above, you would see the accepted answer for this question:

But the very first important step is you have the src path set up properly in MediaCache to pull the mp4 file from the 3rd party server where you have it stored. Then you can connect the two using StreamPublisher as is explained in the forum post I linked above.

Go to 1:20 in this wowza tutorial where we show how to configure MediaCache first then click follow the steps to connect MediaCache with Smil in StreamPublisher

Sorry. I forgot to tell you one more thing. I would like to provide a link to support ABR using smil files and media cache. However, since only MP4 files can be called to our video server, smil files cannot be called separately. In this situation, I wonder if there is a way to use abr when there is smil in the wowza server and that smil has the address of the video server. I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything because it was uploaded using a translator.

I want to provide a vod streaming service, not a live streaming service.

Using the StreamPublisher to generate ABR into a live application is possible. This [old] article is a decent demonstration:

If you need to pull playlist assets from a Media Cache store, manually define the Media Cache source by editing your live Application.xml:


Also, you will need to add these properties to Application.xml:


Be sure to restart Wowza Streaming Engine to apply changes!

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Oh I didn’t understand. Thanks for the answer!

Thanks @Tim_Dougherty!