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Where can I buy channels to re-stream on wowza?

I am looking for IPTV providers for re-streaming but the ones I found seem to use Xtream codes, and the list of channels they send I cannot re-streaming it.

In this case, if it is possible to reproduce the list of Xtream codes, what would be the steps to follow.

You have to be careful when finding and dealing with channel provides, because there’s a lot of illegal activity out there. Make sure that you do have the required rights and licenses for redistribution of the channels, and that your provider has obtained the permissions too.

There are providers here and there, but it depends a lot on which channels you want, European, (North-/South-)American, Middle-East, Asian, etc.

En inglés por favor :slight_smile: I will check with my network and contact you if I find something interesting

Of course, thank you, if I have to take into account, well, i need latin channels, can you give me some options?