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Where did the Authentication.xml file go?

I just noticed that there isn’t an Authentication.xml file anymore in the conf folder. Is that on purpose? Has that functionality moved somewhere else?

Hi Graeme,

Send a note to support re this, attn to me.


Please write to and describe what you are doing.




Yes, that is how it works. Using the old file might not be the best idea. This is a recent change and I’m sure there will be evaluation of how to deal with this kind of case, and your input will be a factor. For now it would be best to handle it in a support ticket, if it’s okay?



Could you please explain how to configure custom "AuthenticationMethod"s in light of Authentication.xml missing?

I’d rather do it here than to drag it over email.

I’m adding my own HTTPProvider and want it segregated from the default “admin” access (which is far too powerful).

Thus I needed to add another AuthenticationMethod that will use different password file.

Anyway, figured out that you have the defaults somehow embedded but if I add conf/Authentication.xml from 3.6.X and add my custom Method to it, it all works fine.

Btw, you still have mentions of “conf/Authentication.xml” all over documentation (user guide and config reference, for starters). So it’s strange you’re so secretive about this (contact support@ etc).

It’s been almost 1.5yrs, and everywhere Authentication.xml is still mentioned, e.g. here, and also in the default Application.xml of WSE 4.2 (line 108)

I need to fetch the username/password when GoCoder starts publishing …

Where’s that?

Until you guys fix this, can I use the one from 3.6?

Hi Graeme,

Answered in support ticket #86620.


Looks like this was still ever answered in the forum post. Where is the authentication.XML file ? Many articles mention the file but nowhere can you find that. I was trying to follow this article.can some pome point me to that file.