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Where is my account?

Our WSE server stopped working so we logged in and it prompted for a license key. Ok, it seems our license expired. Over to the wowza website to renew. When that was complete, our Org disappeared and we no longer have access to our account, new license key, streamlock etc etc and the streaming server is still dead. WTF. I have no recourse to speak to anyone to get this resolved quickly just have to send an email and prey. Terrible customer service and once we get our money back will be looking for solutions elsewhere. Brutal.

Thanks for reaching out in forums so I could look into it @brightpath_corp

Your payments were due on 5/27 and licenses stopped on June 10th. Once that happens, when customer service receives the payment, which they just did today, they cannot just switch it back on unfortunately, but I understand why you would think that. Once the account is technically expired for non-payment, they need to re-enter it all and reactivate it. They have let me know it should be back up and running within 20 minutes and were already in the process of that this morning.

Let me know should it still not work for you in the next hour. Thanks.