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Where's that Flash Video Player plugin?

The Wowza example RTMP players have a Flash player plugin that is named “on2video” in the FLA file. But I cannot figure out where this plugin comes from. I have a situation where the Wowza server is behind a firewall that is somehow preventing the JWPlayer plugin from working. I also tried the StrobeMedia Player plugin from OSMF and it didn’t work. However the plugin that Wowza is using in it’s examples works fine. Trouble is that I don’t know it’s origin or if there are any license issues. I have search the web and the Wowza site for any info on the On2 Video Player plugin for Flash and came up empty handed.

This issue could be fixed in the firewall but I have no control over that. Just putting that out so people don’t recommend dealing with it at that level. Already working on that.:slight_smile:



on2video refers to the video display object in the example players fla file.

It is just a regular video object that just happens to be called on2video. The flash plugin is exactly that, a flash plugin.

You certainly need the streaming port 1935 to be accessible from your firewall through to the server.


Yeah, I kind of figured that on2video was an assignable name. But I figured it was named that way because it used an On2 video codec plugin. I’ll look again to see how to create a video object. The only player that I could see using Flash Pro CC 2014 was the FLVPlayback component. I don’t see how to create a video object that isn’t an FLVPlayback object. Actually we are using port 80 in this particular instance. The player (like JWPlayer) connects to the server there is something about the firewall that only allows the stream setup to go so far then it fails to proceed. These are programmable firewalls and there is something programmed in it that’s screwing things up.

Turns out that FlowPlayer seems to do the job. But I would really like to know how to create that player in Flash Pro. It does appear that I can use the example project, but it would be nice to know what the video component is that’s being used, and how to load it into the library.