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Which is more optimized? Mutliple application instances per application or use of default instance for all

Which is more optimized when initiating a connection to your streams;

  1. multiple application instance where each application uses its own instance

  2. Each stream uses its own application instance

  3. Using the default application instance for all streams.

In terms of performance there’s very little difference unless you’re pushing the server to its limits. There’s a slight overhead for running each stream in its own application or application instance because WSE actually has to keep the Application (-Instance) and its configuration in memory, but in pretty much all cases it will be so minor that won’t make a difference.

In (very) short: Use multiple Applications when you have different configurations, e.g. different packager settings, security, etc. Use multiple Application Instances when you’re fine with all having the same configuration but you want to be able to reset streams (some resets can only be done on instance level), and finally put them all in one Application and one Application Instance if you simple have a bunch of streams that you want to run without much hassle.