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Which Java(JDK) and Ant versions are necessary in order to create the JAR files?


I’m recently trying to make a solution of using Wowza docker image from Docker Hub, but also adding additional applications for the end solution.

I wish to do in the build procedure of the Docker, the building procedure of my custom Wowza plugins by using Ant.

On my windows workstation, I’m using Java v9 usually to compile the Jars using ant, but inside the Docker, which is based on Wowza 4.8.12 from Docker Hub, he has Java v11.

When I built the Jars and gave them to the Docker, the container worked quite successfully but while I let the Docker build the Jars himself, which he uses Java v11 to build the Jars the container is experiencing an issue that WowzaStreamingEngine and the Manager are continuously crashing and re-spawning.

I do see from the documentation of release notes for the Wowza version that it supports v9-12, but regarding the compilation of the Jars, do we only have to use v9 JDK and not version upper than that?

After looking on the official Debian repository, it seems that there are no packages available for download to Debian-based distros, so is there another official known location that it’s available to download OpenJDK v9?

This is the Debian link I’ve seen that there are no available links(The menu on the left bottom).


You do have to point Engine to the Java version you want to use:

I’ll check with tech support if there are additional steps re: Docker- I’ve never set it up that way.

We send folks to this webpage to download the JDK for the version they want to use if that’s helpful to you.

Other Java versions – If you want to use a different version of Java, go to the OpenJDK Java Archive page and download a 64-bit version of a Java 9 - 12 JDK or Server JRE.

Also, if it’s helpful, an engineer shares this advice:

They should use Java JRE 9 to build modules as that is what we use when compiling WSE, but they can use Java 9 to 13 (I’ve even heard some customers have used runtime JREs right up to Java 17) for the runtime JRE. They should be backwards compatible.

You can also install the IDE where you can configure custom Java projects and classes.