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White label version available anytime soon?

I am a Wowza Streaming Engine user. I have access to the Wowza Player, but it still comes with a logo. Any timeline on us being able to use a whitelabel / logo-less version anytime soon?


I’m also running a On-Prem instance of Wowza Streaming Engine and would like to know this. Is there any kind of time frame for this?
6 months, 1 year, 2 years or never?

Jason and Anders,

The “white-label” option is still on-hold for the time being. We have other projects in play that require our developer’s time and resources. Product Management has not provided us any time frame on the “if or when” we will release a white-label version of the Wowza Player.

I know this is not a finite answer like you are looking for, however, it is on the roadmap and hinges on the completion of other projects.

I hope this clarifies why there is not a finite answer at this time.



Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate it =)

Thanks Mac Hill.

And thanks to Anders for asking again. It’s a little unfortunate that it took a second person asking to have the original question answered. I feel a bit slighted, but I’m happy with some answers.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved on to resorting to the jwplayer7 to send my streams through. And besides, the WowzaPlayer doesn’t support MPEG-dash - SAD!



I want to apologize that we did not see your post prior to the response today. Please know there was no intention of letting it go that long.

JW Player is a partner and they are great at what they do in the video player arena. With our recent addition of the Wowza HTML5 player, we are wanting to provide more of an end to end solution for our customers. Please know that we are just beginning the player endeavor and will be adding more features in the future.

I appreciate your honest feedback and want to thank you for being a Wowza customer.



you should try clappr player
it’s a great player with few interesting plugins

WowzaPlayer differ from other player