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Whmcs Module for Wowza

Hi All,

Anybody have whmcs wowza module?

Hmm…not off the top of my head. Should you not get a response in here, try our Developer slack channel with devs and engineers around the world:

You can join by email here and I would ask in the help-general channel or in dev channel. Good luck!

MediaCP uses WHMCS for billing management with wowza based applications. It isn’t a wowza module as such but it shows you can integrate it separately for sure. What are you looking to do ? If you can explain perhaps I can say a little more.

To Start a live Streaming Service.

What whmcs is a billing management software for web hosting etc. it has nothing to do with live streaming as such. Usually when you have streaming billing plans etc you can use whmcs to automate that part. Just for live streaming you don’t need to bother with whmcs

For Automated billing , I’m looking for Whmcs Module.

There isn’t any out of the box module that connects whmcs with wowza. This is essentially because there are three parts of the system.

  1. Wowza
  2. Usage management / Billing system
  3. WHMCS

The usage data from wowza must be collected and stored somewhere (user management) in a database or something.

Wowza module can query the usage management system to see if the usage limits have been reached or not before allowing further usage by clients.

Usage management system in turn will use whmcs to complete payments for the usage plan. The usage management system will talk to whmcs via api and inform the user about pending payments etc.

This just a summary, hope you can understand the system. You will need to do the needful yourself ofcourse from here on :grinning: