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Why does not Wowza streaming server support AAC ingest audio streams transcoding to webrtc audio codecs? Also why not GoCoder support this use case?

Hello Wowza Team, First of all thanks for making the Wowza Gocoder SDK free for the existing Wowza Cutomers. My question is that as you must be aware that most of the streaming clients stream their audio in AAC to Wowza streaming server. This is the same case with our Android and iOS applications. We are streaming our audio in AAC to Wowza streaming server. We want to transcode this input stream to webrtc stream on wowza streaming server. But we found that from a link that wowza streaming server cannot transcode the input audio stream in AAC to any webrtc based audio codec so that it can be played out on webrtc supported browsers. I know you say that you support if Audio input is in either webrtc codecs or PCMU/ PCMA but that is not our case. Is there any reason that you have not provided the support for AAC audio stream input for transcoding? Is that something wowza team is working on and this feature is to be coming out in coming releases on your roadmap? If you can answer my above questions that it will help me to plan my developments in my iOS and Android streaming apps as if we have to start the audio streaming in audio codecs you support there will be a huge work we have to do. I just came to know that Wowza Gocoder SDK audio can also not be transcoded to webrtc audio streams. So any reasons why it GoCoder also does not support this case?