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Why does wowza streaming engine actively close the SRT connection

Dear all!
My device uses the SRT call mode to push the SRT stream to wowza streaming engine. The connection was successful. After sending the data for a period of time, wowza streaming engine sent a shutdown message to shut down the connection. I don’t know why he did this. Please help analyze it.

Can someone help me with my problem?

I turned on the debug switch. The log file is on it. Display: stream not healthy. But streaming to vimix is normal.Can the technician tell me where the data problem is?

So sorry you didn’t get a response but that’s because we wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot this in the forums. You need a Wowza tech support engineer to review this in a support ticket where they ask for full access to your Engine files and logs. They don’t debug in here.

Hope you sent one in already and got it resolved.

Thank you. I’ve solved it myself.The reason for the problem is that TS data is incomplete。