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Why Flash player can't play video live streaming?

I encountered some problems when playing live streaming through WOWZA by Flash player, can anybody give me some suggestion?

The details are as follows:

My program as an encoder which can push live streaming(h264/AAC) to WOWZA by RTSP/RTP.

I can accomplish the RTSP interaction with WOWZA and send RTP packets to WOWZA successfully. I also can play the live streaming well with Silverlight and IOS device.

When playing the live streaming with Flash Player, there only audio work but no video, and WOWZA server give me no error hint.

Why Flash Player can’t play video live streaming?

Whether i need some special setting for my H264 video streaming?

Hi qiao,

Since it works on the other devices, I suspect it’s a player problem. What flash player are you using? Can you try it in the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming example client?

The developer license has some limitations listed here:

See the Quick Start Guide.

For best results publish to Wowza using:

Video: H.264 (Baseline profiile level 3.0 or below), keyframe interval every 2 seconds

Audio: AAC, AAC Low Complexity (AAC LC), High Efficiency AAC v1 (HE-AAC), or MP3

Follow this tutorial:

hi randall,

Thanks you reply.

I just use the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming example client.

But the wowza server i am using is test version, will test version wowza server cause this problem?