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why i have lagg and buffering

Hello, i have a intel 15 pth generation 8gb of ram and a 100mb internet download and a 8mb of upload, i set a god OBS configuration, and one day all good, and the other day, video lagg and buffering, and when out of lagg the video is going so fast, then all good for 5 sec and again, is very frustrating, customer are complain

Hello, im in colombia and i choose brazil server, is the closest one, i have a 8mb internet UPLOAD, and i set 2500 kbps at 30 fps, and im still having lag, why?

What ingest location did you choose, and where are you located? If possible, choose an ingest location closer to you. You may also want to check the settings in OBS; what bitrate do you use, what’s the keyframe interval, etc.

Here’s an article/video that may help you to verify the settings in OBS Studio:

Although usually the default settings are quite reasonable, you may also want to review the Transcoder settings in Wowza Cloud. In the cloud panel, under Advanced > Transcoders, you can see the settings and bitrates for the transcoder.

There are several possible causes. First of all, check your CPU utilization and memory usage while you’re streaming, to make sure that you’re not overloading your machine.

Secondly, you can try to decrease the bitrate, e.g. to 1000Kbps and see if that gives you a more stable stream. You can in-/decrease that number until you’ve found a bitrate that gives you a stable connection under all conditions.

Even though you have a 8Mbps internet connection, that doesn’t always guarantee you a sustained bandwidth between your PC and the ingest point in Brasil.