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Why is only audio coming in while playing webrtc?

I am trying to play the video as webrtc by putting the rtsp address of other vms into the incoming stream. But it seems that only audio data is played with webrtc.
If I put rtsp in vlc player, the video comes out well. I do not know why.
Only the data written as AVstream in the rtsp address I have is like this. The address where the stream name is cam shows the video
No audio required, just video.

Is it only audio in webrtc because wowza only received audio?
It’s difficult to send a ticket to the current situation, so I’d appreciate it if you could let me know what you can guess.

picture is webrtc log

What codecs are you using for webrtc playback?

WebRTC audio requires Opus for audio codec
Video: VP8, VP9, H.264

You’ll need to transcode these. I’m not sure why you can’t submit a support ticket, but we need access to your config and logs to accurately diagnose, especially since WebRTC is a bit more advanced and has many layers to it.

I can provide you with a tutorial in the meantime if that helps: It’s for RTMP > WebRTC, but it’s the same steps as you would use for RTSP