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Why low latency option is not available when selecting an Apple HLS/Adobe HDS as a delivery protocol for the publishing point?

While creating a publishing point on the Wowza Streaming Cloud I’m unable to enable the low latency option because when I select the Apple HLS/Adobe HDS as a delivery protocol then the Low Latency option is missing.

Kindly guide me how I can enable the low latency option for live streaming with Apple HLS/ Adobe HDS delivery protocol configured.



I know it has been sometime since you submitted this inquiry. For the forum, I wanted to post the answer to help the community out in the future.

The workflow that delivers the HDS/HLS combination playback is actually transmuxed at the CDN. We do not have it configured to handle low latency packetizing. So, choosing the HLS only option allows us to packetize smaller chunks on the transcoder and then push those chunks to the CDN for delivery.

I hope this clarifies.


Mac Hill