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Why would #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME: show an incorrect future Date & Time?


Can someone please give me some guidance or an explanation on why the #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME: would show an incorrect future date & time?


Today being 30th of May

Encoder seems to be using absolute timecode and wowza logs show correct times:
first timecode = 0, offset = 1590839910

So why would #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME: be incorrect?

Wild guess, but is your server date correct; have you installed NTP (on Linux)?

Does anyone have any other ideas on this? Maybe it is down to multiple restarts on the same stream? which affects time?
Also, this topic seems to be awaiting moderation? Curious as unable to see all replies when logged out. How long does it take to verify?

I don’t know what’s going on with this post, but it looks like it got caught in an super admin level moderation queue, sorry about that. We do moderate a number of posts due to spam, but this is not the normal experience.

On that note, I’ve asked our support team if they have any ideas on this one beyond Karel’s comment.

Are you using this with modifications? Perhaps injecting the wrong date? This is a date grabbed from the server, and I’m struggling to understand how justify a full month in the future.

Any update from the support team?

Engineering team wants to know if you are using this article to produce that tag. You can create the tag or they can be added with CMAF workflows, but the can’t really answer the question until they know how you are creating those tags.

With CMAF workflows, the program date time matches the time when we create the segment, so again, they are pointing to your system clock being incorrect (which you have mentioned many times is in fact correct!). If you are creating the tags, a code snippet would help further debug.

To answer your question about the impact of the value being off, it could be an issue with playback capabilities like seeking for low latency workflows and determining how close to the “live-edge” you are.

NTP was installed and was in sync

I know we are using 4.7.7 and not sure where that particular modification would reside?

Also not sure why my messages have been deleted ??? I had these responses in thread earlier last year