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Why wowza not support high profile h264


Why wowza only support iphone 3gs,4s. and only support main profile and base profile ? and it not support high profile h264 ?

These are iOS limitations, not Wowza limitations.


The “greatest number of clients” really means a broader reach across the many different devices and OS versions.

RTSP is practically supported on all versions of Android, but HTTP protocols, such as HLS, are only supported on recent

Android versions, and even then the implementation is not without issues.

There’s a good article here regarding the difficulty of streaming to Android.


You asked the same question in this thread here.

But the answer is the same. H.265 is not currently supported, but is being considered for the future.


Android only supports a profile of baseline as well.

Here are the supported media formats for Android

And here are the supported media formats for iOS


This is from the documentation on Wowza’s website:

Android: Most Android devices support RTSP/RTP streaming. Newer Android devices that are running version 2.2 (Froyo) or later also support Adobe Flash player 10.1 and can play RTMP and Adobe HDS streams. Android devices can’t play MP3 streams over RTSP/RTP in any combination (audio/video or audio only). Android devices that support Flash player 10.1 can play MP3 using RTMP or Adobe HDS. When streaming to an Android device using RTSP/RTP, the RTP portion must flow over UDP. Android doesn’t support RTSP/RTP interleaved (RTP over TCP). This means that if UDP is unavailable for RTP playback, RTP over TCP won’t work as a failover and your stream won’t play.

It is recommended to use RTSP when streaming to Android to reach the greatest number of clients (regardless of device) trying to view the stream.


When you do rtsp streaming from VLC, it does it over UDP first, then failsover if necessary to TCP (interleave), but Android does not have that capability.

UDP is the “fire and forget” protocol. No error checking. Very efficient but prone to network problems, lost packets and packets out of order.

Whereas TCP (interleave) confirms every packet, and the source re-sends as necessary. So it is slower, but more reliable. HTTP uses TCP.


Here is a more detailed explanation of the two:

Difference between TCP and UDP


How android android platform, wowza support to it in high profile, live stream and VOD ?

OKay thanks, Salvadore. BUt why i use RTSP protocol long time Latency compare HTTP stream ?

How many greatest number of clients Salvandore ?

Could you explain " Android doesn’t support RTSP/RTP interleaved (RTP over TCP)" ?

I know the difference, but How many greatest number of clients Salvandore ?

Thanks Daren, I think i will use HLS[m3u8 format], It’s really faster rtsp. Now, how we can intergrate H265 to wowza, now, we can encode and decode, but i dont know intergrate H265 to wowza solution ?